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THE GREAT PENSION FUND HOAX - Corporation Nation 2

 This 4 hour presentation is part 2 of the Corporation Nation series. While a shorter, condensed version will be released soon, The Great Pension Fund Hoax is presented as documentary evidence of corruption and greed within our government and as a reference work.

This is not for entertainment.

Understanding this information about the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) system of accounting in government will answer the question that has eluded you for so long, just as it did me...


Why do corporations get away with murder? Why does government allow this to happen by passing laws and regulations, and deregulating the very framework that these corporations operate within, both nationally and internationally? Why are We, the People suffering at the hands of this oligarchical government, while our taxpayer dollars are being used against us? And why does there seem to be no difference between the private sector and the public one?

Answer: Because government owns it all!!!

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